5 Reasons Why SEO Is Important for Your Houston Business

To thrive in the current business world, search engine optimization is a necessity. If your business in Houston isn’t focused and invested in SEO, then your business stands to fall behind its competition. The evolution of modern technology has brought about a level ground for companies of all sizes. With Houston SEO, your business doesn’t require to have a huge budget to run a successful marketing campaign. It all boils down to the techniques implemented by the company.

Statistics show that a majority of consumers always search the internet first before making any purchase. Ranking high in the search engine results should be a top priority for any business. Appearing on the first pages of search results gives your website some much-needed exposure and can attract significant traffic and, hence, a higher conversion rate. The perks of search engine optimization go deeper than ranking high in the search engines. It is essential for businesses to learn what other real value they stand to gain by engaging in SEO.

Great User Experience

SEO aims at providing users with a great experience. To rank high, your website should be able to give the users what they want. When users find your website easy to use and always get what they want, then they’ll keep on coming back and recommending your site to others. SEO Houston helps give your users a website they can trust and rely on.

SEO Helps Build Business Trust And Credibility

Ranking high on the search engine results often gives users the impression that your website is relevant and can be trusted. Statistics have shown that over 65% of all search results clicks are from the top 5 results on the first page. Ranking high on Google results means that your business earned that spot and has Google’s stamp of approval.

SEO Provides Your Business Much-Needed Exposure

The primary purpose of marketing is to create and promote brand awareness in the Houston market. Big businesses pump in loads of cash in their marketing campaigns. However, not all business have the same financial strength. Appearing on the first page of the search engine results offers your company a lot of exposure without having to dent your budget. A good SEO will see your business getting more traffic than it ever expected.

SEO Provides A High Rate Of Conversion

When customers search for a product or service your business provides, if your website is the first site they come across, then they’ll most likely check your website first. A good SEO does all the work for you. You will be getting more traffic to your site without announcing yourself too much. All you have to do is convince your audience that what you are offering is better than your competitors. You’ll achieve more sales within no time. If your customers are satisfied with your business, then they’ll recommend it to others making your site even more popular.

SEO Provides Your Business More Insight Into Your Customers

If you have invested in SEO, then you should have Google Analytics set up immediately. This tool helps to track the traffic directed to your site. It provides you with important information such as how they search and browse, the technology they use, the terms and language they use amongst other valuable information. You can use this information to optimize your strategies.

Any business should not overlook search engine optimization. Your business should be visible where its customers need it, and SEO helps you achieve it.

Search Engine Optimization is Dead…or Is It?

Search Engine Optimization is Dead...or Is It

In the modern digital marketing age, many experts claim that Search Engine Optimisation is dead… or is it?

Their reasoning is based on what they interpret as a pattern of demise based on changes to the Google algorithm, the rise of social media and the rise of ‘smart’ paid digital ads like real time bidding, retargeting and other ad innovations.

It’s not dead, it’s just different

Think about how SEO was done 10 years ago, build a ton of exact match anchor text links, create some keyword rich on-page content and you’ll see your site rising for your target keywords. Modern SEO algorithms, quite rightly, put the user first. Weak content and spammy backlinks no longer work. Either they are completely ignored by the search engines, or you will be slapped with a ranking penalty for dubious SEO practices.

With the Penguin updates that we continually see from Google, great quality content is still king. You are writing about a product, business or event anyway, so why not make that content good enough entice a real user? A rule of thumb; if you read your off-page content back to yourself and don’t want to find out more by following the backlink, you’re not doing it right!  Here is a closer look at how the Penguin update changed things.

SEO vs Social Media and Paid Ads

The continual growth of social media and paid ad real-estate online is not the end of SEO… Here’s why:

Social Media is just that: It’s social! You don’t go round to a friends’ party and try sell him weight loss pills or non-stick frying pans, so why do we attempt to encroach on people’s lives while they are sharing real moments digitally? There is a reason that nearly every digital business reports far lower conversion rates in the social media space when compared to SEO, and the primary reason is that people are mostly on social platforms to connect with other people, not brands and products.

Paid Ads are slowly taking over the search results: Google now have four pay per click adverts above the organic results, but these are costly, particularly for broad terms. A number one organic ranking gets just as many, if not more clicks, than the top PPC ad and you don’t pay for the organic traffic! Why wouldn’t you want to rank organically? Another factor is that since the Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, the top three or four organic positions are generally occupied by reputable websites and this is known to consumers the results of which  an be seen in multiple studies conducted around organic click-through rates.

Where do we go from here?

The importance of SEO has never been more prominent and it’s something that digital marketers cannot afford to ignore. Great content, solid on-page and good products or services that attract real reviews, shares, like and backlinks are what will drive ranking in the future. Search engines are becoming wise to manipulation of their algorithms and this means that the future SEO executive will be more of a ‘digital promoter’ that encourages real interaction and less of a ‘only for the search engines’ thinker.

Remember, if Googlebot was your boss, would you be happy to show him or her your content, on-page improvements and backlinks? If the answer is no, then yes, SEO is dead… It’s dead until you change your methodology.